Our Office Assistant

Sonya joined the French Financial Team in the fall of 2020, bringing with her a 17+ year background in the medical field where, through the social services department of a long-term care facility, she advocated for the elderly in all aspects of their lives.  Beth immediately utilized Sonya’s expertise in helping our clients with long-term care claims and the many facets of aging.  You’re likely to hear Sonya’s cheery voice when calling us.

Sonya has been married to a wonderful man since 2017, has two grown children who didn’t think they needed mom close by anymore so she followed her husband from Oregon to Colorado to be closer to his elderly mother.  While she misses the greenery and rain of Oregon, Sonya really enjoys the Colorado outdoors – waters, sunshine, rugged beauty.  We often catch her mentioning plans for another camping trip, complete with campfires and outings on the side-by-side.

Sonya is very detail-oriented and follows through for our clients to ensure their powers of attorney, beneficiaries, personal info., and documents are up-to-date and just the way they want them. 

Sonya says, “Beth’s business is My Perfect Fit!”  Beth says, “Sonya adds so much to our team effort!”